Bit of yard work.

Dad snooze.

Chess with Wump.

Walk to in-laws’ for dinner.

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Hunger Games

Just read the first book, since it showed up available on my kindle and it was laughably easy to buy.

It wasn’t terrible. Mildly curious to see the movie now.

I know that’s not a review worthy of Edpool, but oh well.

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Friday at work (for a bit)

Moving day at the office, pretty disrupted. I got a draft or two printed and some e-mails sent, then I had a bit of time to put on my Edpool hat (but not the spandex) and do some private editing.

Still packed it in and exchanged some overtime hours for half a day off.

Headed to the zoo with three generations of Hindles and one generation of BRKNs.

Mr. BRKN is going to share the link to himself rapping on the radio, to make today’s blog post interesting. Or I will.

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Thursday at work

It’s going to be another week or so before I get to go back onto my home computer for any sensible length of time, and that’s where all my stuff is.

So I won’t be able to provide metrics, or add any details or notes about basically anything. All my writing is there, at the moment I’m just e-mailing fragments back and forth and chipping away at them.

The end of the series has sort of hit me now, and I’m a bit numb and directionless. I guess that means it’s a good time to get back into work with 100% of my attention. I’ve been lucky that my attention was a bit divided while we were on a bit of a summer break. Now, things are accelerating again and it’s rather fun.


Also, we’re moving to a new office, which gave me the chance to play this great Facebook prank.

I can tell you, however, that the completed Final Fall of Man series PDF is 3089 pages long, in final publication form. Give or take a couple of Author’s Notes that I am still drafting here. So, that was about what I’d estimated.

The final book turned out to be about 450 pages in final print form, which is ~25 pages longer than Molran. So – bigger, but manageable.

Postage is going to be a bastard though.

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Wednesday at work

Just another day. Mild amusement, bit of PDF making, some e-mails.

Off to the mall with my mum and dad tonight.

Heading home from office soon.

*twiddles thumbs*

*looks at blank Word doc entitled NEW_BOOK_DRAFT*


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Day 38. 297 pages, 138,866 words. Finished.

Thank you for your patience, and for feeding my wanky creative side while I flopped and whined.

I’m all done. The Final Fall of Man is complete.

Now I just need to implement the edits on Damorak, get the cover in place, and get my proof copies of Human out to my editors as soon as possible.

Holy shit, I think this is a good one.

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Day 37. 288 pages, 134,527 words.

Still not quite done. One and a half chapters still to finish.

This is not causing me physical pain or anguish, but it’s intensely unpleasant. I don’t think I can adequately describe it. Nor can I explain why I can’t describe it, without coming across as though I’m superior in some way.

It’s not that. It’s just … not in my standard terminology bank.

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