Daily WTF

Day 43. 151 pages, 69,120 words. Not getting up early until this shit is solved.

This definitely goes into my “weird second week” file. I’m still going to be talking about my balls, because they’re weighing heavily on my mind. So to speak.

Anyway, I’m slowly improving, the swelling goes down when I lie in bed but puffs right up again when I stand up. Lying and sitting is mostly okay, walking is painful due to swelling and chafe.

Anyway, why am I telling you?

Well, because I told my urologist and he told me “pics or it didn’t happen”.

Yeah, he got me to send him dick pics, or in this case ball pics, which I had to take and send at work. Talk about an awkward start to my second week.

Anyway, seems he’s diagnosed me and is sending a prescription for antibiotics. Looks like Aaron was right, infection is super easy down there.

Oh well.

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Weekender (2)

Day 43. 151 pages, 69,120 words. Some overlap here, but going well.

Still very swollen and uncomfortable, getting to the point where I need to call the doctor to make sure they haven’t fucked something up. I deflate a bit while I’m lying down, but sitting and walking is painful. “Very painful”, the handy-dandy recovery instructions list as the criteria for calling. How fucking useless and subjective is that? I wouldn’t call this “very painful”, but then I have endured bowel surgery. And this is “frustratingly painful”, all the time.

Yeah, it hurts to walk because this is chafing season and my balls are about 50% bigger than I’m used to and have a fucking surgical incision on either side.

Fuck all this.

Anyway, I got a little tiny pointless session of writing done today, and finally managed to put my stats back in order. Weirdly, this long flatline followed by a spike mirrors exactly the previous book at the same point. I can’t promise I’ll be able to keep up the same momentum, but the shape of the metrics was very interesting. See the Book 6 and Book 7 lines below.

metrics (20)

Still been overtaken by Fergunakil, though.

Molran will be hitting the shelves this coming week, I’m just waiting for my cover now.

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Weekender (1)

Day 42. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Maybe tomorrow.

Nothing much to add for today. Had a nice week, still recovering from the operation a bit, sleeping in and generally taking it easy. Off to Maailma Kylässä today, to stock up on spring rolls and ginger beer.

Had an espresso from my birthday coffee bean hand-grinder and aeropress today, it was pretty damn good but over very quickly. I had to resist the temptation to make another one. Will probably be buzzed from it for a while.

Enjoyed an interesting argument on Facebook about where the line is drawn between pet and food, on a spectrum of cat/dog – rabbit – horse/cow – chicken/duck. I came down on the side of “all of those can be pets, and all of them can be food,” and for some reason this got me marked as an evil prick, which was amusing. I’m mildly curious to try dog meat but you can’t buy it here (not at any shops I go to…), and I’ve tried lynx so I assume cat is similar. It’s not great.

Anyway, the right to live and the will to not be eaten is universal to all animals, which I think was the point of the campaign (the original question was posed by a billboard from some dumbarse group like PETA). If you eat one but not another, that shit is cultural. You’ve been convinced, by the animal’s role in your culture, that it is closer to human and further from livestock.

And yes, I’d prefer animals not to be treated cruelly in battery farms and hormone-poisoning and force-feeding situations, but I still eat McNuggets. Being a sentient apex omnivore necessitates a disconnection of empathy where your food is concerned. I guess my empathy is more readily disconnected than others’. Which is good, because meat is delicious.

I held off on my debate A-bomb, which was an intellectual exercise on eating human flesh. Naturally I wouldn’t do it because there are strong legal and health reasons not to. Beyond those, what do you have? It was a sentient being? I was capable of communicating with it? It was able to tell me it was okay to eat it when it was dead? Would that be different to eating human flesh from a person who had expressly forbidden me from eating it after death? Yes, it would be different, but how? Would that be different to murdering a person and eating them? Again, yes, because of the law. Killing a human against its will is murder. Killing an animal against its will is considered murder by hippies, but not by the law (theft applies, but not murder). And so on.

Anyway, WordPress is out of text space and I am out of time. So I’ll leave it there.

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Friday, sometime in the … you know the line

Day 42. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Sigh.

I started this blog over 11 years ago, a few days into my first office job when I realised I had a lot of reading and acclimatising to do, and a long time to do it. Seven and a half hours of sitting is a long time!

So I started the blog on, I believe, my first Friday at Lionbridge, or BGS I suppose it was back then.

Seems only right that now, first Friday at Planmeca, I … well, write another ramblin’ blog post. With a little shout-out to that first one. And a brand shiny new category, since I think I might be making a few of these.

I thought I would get up early and get the next book in better shape today, but I’m still a bit shattered from the operation, bruised and uncomfortable. I want to give myself a few good nights’ sleep before getting into the early bird routine again.

Still, I’m getting a bit done here and there.

In the meantime, achingly yours,

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So far so good

Day 41. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Tomorrow I might get back to the rig. Finished Part Two though, and I have to say it was pretty fucking amazing.

Day 2 of the new job and all’s well. The cods have settled into a very minor twinge of discomfort now and then, and my first day of information overload and they’re-going-to-find-out-I’m-a-big-phoney panic has faded into a sort of right, better get on with it, this ramp-up isn’t going to perform itself feeling. Getting all the to-do piled up in some sort of order. And re-learning everything I’ve forgotten about FrameMaker. And meeting fifty new people and instantly forgetting their names.

So far the biggest challenge for me has been the 95% increase in Finnish use. This has set me close to first-days-at-Lionbridge levels of not knowing what’s going on, because back in 2005 even the English-language instructions were like gibberish. If this job was all in English, I think I’d be bored already.

To be honest, I think moving into an all-Finnish office is exactly what I needed at this time. It’s kicked my brain into actually thinking in Finnish, at least a little bit. It’s the next step I needed to take. A bit daunting, but exciting too.

Well, as dreameling so aptly put it yesterday (which was his first day at a new place too, and he totally owes me for getting him in the door there), Lionbridge has been preparing us for this. Moving to a new customer site, starting a new project every year or two (or three), has basically given us first-week-at-new-job experience that would otherwise be lacking in decade (decayed?) veterans of the business. It’s trained us not to fall into huddled balls of I-can’t-do-this panic … or if we must, then we huddle on the inside, damnit, and we act like Goddamn professionals.

That’s the plan, anyway.

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Back in the saddle

Day 40. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Okay, dropping behind now but I guess that’s unavoidable.

We’re back in the saddle. Or bridle. Whatever. What am I, a technical writer?

Write technically, me hearties.

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Last Day of Holidays

Day 39. 133 pages, 60,943 words

Operation was a success. Solid ache in the ol’ boys and a bit of a rough night as I tried to find a comfortable position to sleep, but feeling okay right now. Just tender.

All highly amusing and entertaining, in a slightly hair-raising way.

So, today is my last day of holiday, and I’m spending it on the couch. Off to work tomorrow!

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