Off to the Fahrenheits’

Day 40. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Off to enjoy some movies this evening. May review tomorrow or later in the week. Phone running out of juice right now.

Ugh. Writing on bus. Terrible idea. Still, a bit of motion-sickness might curtail my junk food eating today.


In other news, my big stack of books finally arrived for the next release party. The UPS guys are getting to know the village pretty well. This time, when there was nobody home, they left the package in the Grubby Flouse instead of jerking us around for a week.

Pictorial evidence.

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And then there’s this

Day 39. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Let’s continue with the trailers.

In this trailer, the line between nerdgasms and legit orgasms grows ever more blurred.

I was all set to be excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer, until the apparent new Wolverine (or Logan) trailer hit Facebook, and sadly made our old friend Star Boss or whoever seem a little bit irrelevant.

Now, I am no expert on Wolverine lore but my more learned associate Mr. BRKN says this looks almost but not entirely necessarily dissimilar to the Wolverine: Old Man Logan comic story[1]. Which would be epic in several meanings of the term, because that story looks bleak and powerful and disturbing and amazing and everything the X-Men franchise has more or less failed to be up until now.

[1] Although he didn’t say it in precisely this silly manner.

I don’t usually use the term “gritty”, because I feel that to do so is to fail the sphere of artistic endeavour in some profoundly executive manner … but this looks like the sort of darkness Wolverine was supposed to deal in. It’s like the Marvel brains trust took exactly the right lesson from the success of the Deadpool movie.

And that amazing NIN cover sure doesn’t hurt, either.

Can’t really say much about what’s happening in this trailer. It looks like it’s a fair distance down the line after … well okay, I haven’t seen X-Men Apocalypse yet but it looks like a bit down the line from Days of Future Past. Xavier is in there, apparently depending on Wolverine to help him out of some sort of jam. Wolverine is as conflicted and unhappy as ever, and also seems to be taking damage without healing quite as well as he used to. Or maybe even not at all.

And there’s a little girl, definitely a mutant of some kind, possibly a relative but who knows (I say, having put in no research whatsoever and not therefore even able to take an educated guess)? Xavier may or may not have brought her along for Wolverine to protect, and Wolverine may or may not have been all “I don’t do that no more” until the government stooges and/or mercenaries showed up.

Anyway, looks pretty brilliant, and a new approach – to trailers at least.

And the cast looks pretty amazing too. At least Richard E Grant is in it, so I’m on board.

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Yes yes yes, okay

Day 38. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the new teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

There it is.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. Of course it’s impossible to really decide based on a teaser, and they’re really giving nothing away.

We see that yes, Baby Groot is still around, and it appears as though the original cast has returned (because the actors would be insane not to). Yondu is now more prominent, by the looks of it.

I’m worried that Drax is apparently now capable of a figurative, poetical “there are two kinds of people in the universe” philosophy. I hope this is explained hilariously in preceding and subsequent dialogue.

The gooey purple text is a bit strange, but that’s the purple Infinity Gem, right? And something about it just screamed “cheesy sequel” to me, and that would be a fun approach for them to take to the marketing.

No hint of new music yet, the trailer just had the old Hooked on a Feeling riff that was used so well in the original. Now, I guess it depends on whether they’re going to follow the successful format of the original and run the risk of overblowing it, or if they’re going to head in some new direction and hope to make a sequel that isn’t a bigger, paler shadow of the first movie. They’ll either make a second “mix tape” soundtrack like the first (and as was hinted at the end of the first), or they won’t.

Meh. Like I said, there’s not much you can say from just this teaser.


I’m in, though. I’m so fucking in.
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Wednesday II: Return of the Killer Wednesday

Actually, since Aaron wanted to be a wisenheimer, I actually wrote this today:

Since I apparently need to write a whole new article for each new Academy class, I’ll repost the links to them here as bonus material.


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Wednesday workday (from the uninspired blogposter who brought you a bunch of blog posts with the word “Meh” in the title)

Day 37. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

Very little to add today. Lots of work, lots of meetings, lots of coffee, not much writing. Some food.

coffee (3)Back to it.
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Random Office Tuesday

Day 36. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

As usual, not a whole lot to report today. I may have had insufficient sleep on account of getting up (in a fruitless attempt to help out, since Mrs. Hatboy also decided to get up) at 01:45am to soothe Toop through a nightmare.

This annoyed me more than a bit, not because poor little Toop had a nightmare but because I got up to deal with it. Now, when I settle Toop back down in her bed and give her a little sing, she usually calms right back down and goes back to sleep, because Toop is a freakish miracle child. However, whenever Mrs. Hatboy tries this, Toop gets hysterical and needs to be taken into our bed, and will not take no for an answer.

So basically what was achieved, by Mrs. Hatboy getting up, is that my attempt to be helpful was a big fat waste of my time and effort and sleep; my attempt to get Toop back to sleep failed because she figured out mama was there; and Toop – easy sleeper but light sleeper – was in our bed and so woke up again when I got up a couple of hours later, and probably continued to disrupt Mrs. Hatboy’s sleep until it was time to drag everybody out of bed at 07:30am, by which time I’d already been at work for an hour.

I’m neither sympathetic nor particularly guilt-ridden over this, however, because it might just encourage Mrs. Hatboy to actually let me take care of business occasionally without sticking her oar in. Because oars are big, wet, cold, blunt instruments that don’t help toddlers get back to sleep. Oh who am I kidding.

Insufficient sleep, and too much coffee.

Hey. Time for a review meeting.

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Hold onto your jimmies, I’m about to rustle them

Day 35. 161 pages, 58,131 words.

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually talked about Trump, or Republicans, or US politics in any non-general way before on my blog[1]. Clearly it’s been sorely missed and the world can’t live without another opinion.

[1] Okay, there was this one. And a similarly sci-fi-themed one about Star Trek. And I did get semi-serious about USian politics here. But mostly I’ve been pretty lax in my duties as an armchair commentator, you’d have to agree.

Well, I’m still not really going to talk about actual politics, so much as a talking-point or issue raised recently in the pursuit of politics. And the issue is this:

Apparently the other day, either Donald Trump or Ivanka Trump or some other hideously out-of-touch and sociopathic Capitol-dweller said that being a mother was the most important job a woman could have. And the Internet lost its mind.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to make the Internet lose its mind. Here’s a small selection of previous cases.

Here’s the thing.

Um, isn’t it?

I know, I know. I can’t expect to weigh in on this, as a man, and come out of it smelling like roses. The best I can hope for is a solid label of MANSPLAINER. Oh well. If anyone who knows me wants to hit me with that, I look forward to seeing the justification – heck, I’ll probably cop to it, although don’t expect me to care. If anyone who doesn’t know me wants to have a go … well, I’ll just cut straight to the not caring, I think.

And I know, Trump phrased it terribly, making it seem like a woman-belittling declaration of irrelevance and disregard of every organ a woman possesses aside from the womb. Shit, when he-or-she said it, that’s probably what it was. I’m not about to give them the benefit of the doubt at this stage.

Of course I don’t think that “being a mother” is the only important job a woman can have. Nor do I think that “mother” is a mandatory job for a woman to have. Nor do I think that no woman who isn’t a mother can possibly have an important job or indeed, logically, a most important job.

So it looks like, on the face of it, that I completely disagree with this disgusting and misogynistic or internally misogynistic pronouncement, right?

Well, no.

What I believe is that being a mother is the most important job a woman can have, if a woman is a mother.

Guess what? I think being a father is the most important job a man can have, if a man is a father.

If you decide to be a parent, if you decide to raise a child, then that is your most important job. You are a parent first. Being a parent is your alpha and your omega. Anything else you do, whether it is working to put food on the table or working to improve the planet or expressing your artistic passions or just breathing in and out – those are all a distant second, and most of them are important at least in part for the benefit they provide to your child.

Are you a theoretical particle physicist, or a cancer researcher, or a social worker or a palliative care nurse? Awesome, my deepest respects. That’s the most important job you can have. Whatever you feel you need to do, whatever you’re driven to do, whatever you do that contributes to society[2] – that’s important and you should be celebrated for it.

[2] If it doesn’t contribute to society, we can probably still talk about it. Not everything has to have a practical function … but there are all sorts of ways a society can be contributed to.

Are you a mother and a theoretical particle physicist, or a mother and a cancer researcher, or a mother and a social worker or a mother and a palliative care nurse? Guess what, the mother part is more important.

Is a random mother more important than a random peace-treaty-formulating diplomat? No. Oh, actually yes – to her kid, she is.

I wouldn’t dream of belittling or disregarding anyone simply because they don’t have kids. That’s completely irrelevant. But since I have kids, I have absolutely no problem bumping every other responsibility and creative endeavour in my life down to a lower priority. My kids are the part of me that I am sending into the future to represent our species. There is nothing more important than that.

For me.

So here I am, agreeing with at least one interpretation of something a Trump said.

If you want to get mad and shout about some other interpretation – arguably the accurate interpretation – of the thing a Trump said, that’s up to you. The Internet needs more shouting.

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